beerAaron Vaccaro is a screenwriter and social commentarian. That’s right, not a commentator, but a commentarian, because whether he likes it or not, he has to exist among the plethora of scumbags walking our streets at any given moment.

“Thinning the Herd” is meant to imagine what it would be like if the world was rid of the parasites that make you groan every time they open their mouths. Aaron may seem whiny, vindictive or even a down right asshole, but you just might find yourself agreeing with him.

Please, before you get your panties in a bunch, and condemn me to Hell, comprehend the fact that this site is meant to be satirical.  If you are unaware what this word means, look it up.  Although I am genuinely not a fan of any of the people/things I thin from the herd, I wish no actual harm/maiming/decapitation/or death.  Please don’t leave me idiotic comments about how I should be committed to an insane asylum, because Hell, I know that…



  1. Love your posts! They are so funny and so true, sably enough.

    • Thanks for the kind words Christie…please spread the word…

      • Just like a drunken pussy to hide behind a glass of more than you can handle.

      • Fiesty Dennis…guess that “Douchebag” post hit a little too close to home…

  2. Good stuff and keep up the funny posts! It’s amazing how many types of people come to mind when you write about thinning the herd…

  3. Awesome posts. I enjoy reading all of them.

  4. A. – you KILL me! aside from your genius comments, the thing I love about this is knowing I will be in good company in hell! M

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