Posted by: thinningtheherd | June 28, 2010

#87 Mel Gibson

Species Name:  Crackpoticus Slimballius

New reasons keep coming up to despise Mel Gibson.  Whether it’s calling a police officer “Sugar Tits,” spouting antisemitic slurs, or punching the mother of his child’s teeth out, Mel Gibson never ceases to amaze and should be given an honorary Academy Award in the category of “Despicable Human Being.”

Last week, TMZ broke the story that Gibson’s mail order baby mama, Oksana Grigorieva, filed a restraining order against Gibson keeping him from having any contact with her or their 8 month old child.  The restraining order stems from allegations that Mel punched his girlfriend in the mouth in January, knocking out teeth and giving her a concussion.

Mel Gibson must be Charlie Sheen’s roll model on how to live your life like a complete douchebag and still get paid millions of dollars.  Enough is enough.  Something has to be done about Mel and his psychotic tirades, and if Hollywood isn’t willing to put the kabosh on the guy, I have no problem doing their dirty work.

In a world where Mel Gibson didn’t exist to manage to insult every minority in the world:

  • Nick Nolte would solely hold the title of “World’s Creepiest Mugshot” with no run for his money from Mel Gibson.

  • We wouldn’t have been able to see Mel’s insanity captured on celluloid in Apocalypto:
  • None of us would’ve had to endure that 3 hour torture porn, The Passion of the Christ.
  • Those of you who actually paid to see Edge of Darkness, could’ve spent that money seeing Taken instead, which is the better version of the same movie.
  • The Gibson lineage of neo-Nazi’s would’ve died with Mel’s Hitler-heiling father.

Mel Gibson has managed to squeeze a lot of controversy into his life thus far, and I’m sure he still has some other tricks up his sleeve.  If only someone would lock Gibson up in some insane asylum where he belongs and throw away the key.  Alas, Gibson will move past this “minor” setback of domestic abuse, and continue acting in movies nobody gives a crap about, and directing movies that only appeal to the religious right.  The only way Mel might be able to get back in my good graces would be to do another Mad Max or Lethal Weapon movie.  Somehow, I feel as though Passion of the Christ II: Jesus’ Revenge might be more in the realm of possibility for Gibson.

But one has to have dreams right?



  1. with all the recent buzz with Mr. Gibson and his new racist tirade, one only needs to turn to the biggest jew on earth, proclaimed by Jimmy Kimmel,

  2. We all thought Mel was an awesome actor. He played all these crazy charactors so convincingly…..turns out he’s just a crazy charactor.

  3. Hmmmm I’m not sure about this. From the start of this article, I picked up a pretty gruesome vibe. Though this was well written, I disagree with your hateful point of view on him. It appeared to me that you bashed “The Passion of the Christ” just as much as you criticized his remarks and actions. And though I do disprove of those remarks, it isn’t right to hate him for them (which is what you made a main point to do, correct?).

  4. I don’t like Mel Gibson anymore nor do I condone anything he does anymore, but the biggest douchebag is the guy getting paid to write articles that talk down on Mel Gibson…the guy with the pseudonym who hides behind a computer. This is how sad our society has become. Mel is bad, now a guy gets paid to state the obvious about him. Unreal.

  5. How cruel can you be? Never mind, I read.

    Truth be known, your probably a bigger piece of shit.
    Run your lickers about Mel, while nobody gets to see and hear what you do.
    Those that throw stones, probably live in the biggest glass house.
    Get a Life!!
    You don’t KNOW anything but what you read or hear from some piece of shit just like you. Unless you where there you don’t know the TRUTH!!
    Get off your egotistical know it all crap..find a hole, crawl in it and pull some dirt over you!! It’s where you belong ..out of sight ..out of mind.
    Who are you to judge anyone.You think your GOD….
    NOT HARDLY!!!!!

  7. What right do you have judging anyone. Mel Gibson accomplished more in his life than you will probably ever do in six life times. Are you a psychiatrist to diagnose anyone? Why don’t you broaden your mind. I can’t stand pip squeeks who hide behind computers blogging bullshit. Lets see you budget a multi-million dollar movie. I didn’t think so!

  8. What’s worse, calling a woman “sugar tits” when you’re really drunk, or referring to the mother of Mel’s child as “mail order”?

    • Probably being an anti-Semite.

  9. (I just stumbled on this blog after doing a search and decided to waste a few minute commenting with you goofballs)

    Saint Mel !!!!

    Go critique your own lives you hypocrits. You’re not perfect and your sh** stinks too…

    It just so happens that his life is more visible and the amplitude of his shortcomings are larger and more noticeable.

    Not to mention Hollywood is a sea of dysfuntional lying bloodsuckers that will have an effect on anyone who has any sort of career in the entertainment industry.
    BTW – I just love how Jewi$h Hollywood jumped on his throat after he made “Passion” saying: “It made the Jewi$h community look bad”… For telling history?!?! Pft!
    How about Gaza? Would Jewi$h hollywood make a movie about that ??? Nah.
    Remember the Ghetto in Nazi Germany my friends?
    How soon we forget… (clearly a double standard) So back off Mel.
    Mel, Charlie, Nolte, Bussy, Jan Michael Vincent… ( I could list THOUSANDS) are the net effect of a career in Hollywood.

    So, focus your little brains on something more important like the people that are leading this country down the tubes; Wallshington Street! Not Saint Mel Gibson.

    Have a nice day Dummies ;>

  10. The author of this article is full of hate and shit! Mel Gibson is a great actor and an awsome director. His movies are the greatest. And he is a MAN!!! He made only one mistake… was not able to refuse a whore sent to him with a mission. Human error!!! He’ll be able to get over it because he is strong. He has all my respect! As for this article and the person who wrote it, it’s all stinking garbage, and they have all my contempt!

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