Posted by: thinningtheherd | March 23, 2010

#65 Healthcare Debate

Species Name: Enoughisenoughicus Timetomoveonius

Now look, this is not a Pro-Democrat or Pro-Republican TTH.  No, it’s simply my cup running over, having had my fill of this debate.  So whether you’re a bleeding heart liberal who supports, Dennis “Hits from the bong” Kucinich, or a staunch Republican who supports, Minority Leader John “I’ve got a raging” Boehner.  All I’m asking is that we move the on.  The bill passed, whether you liked it or not, and now let’s concentrate on turning this sinking ship around.

I appreciate what President Obama has been trying to do for the last year, and I realize that this will most likely be his legacy, but I also realize that there is a lot of other shit that needs to be dealt with right now.  Unemployment rates are not dropping like they need to, we’re still engaged in military skirmishes in two countries, not to mention financial institutions that we just gave a gazillion dollars to bail out that are insistent on patting themselves on the backs with million dollar bonuses.

In a world where the Healthcare debate was over and done with:

  • Glenn Beck’s head would finally explode from his blood pressure reaching catastrophic levels.  It would be declared a national holiday.
  • We’d might get to learn what actually happened on that plane flight between Obama and Kucinich that made Kucinich turn the corner on voting yes on the healthcare bill when he had been holding out for so long.  I’m guessing a large sack of the purple koosh and a lot of hippie, granola-esque stewardesses.
  • Obama could rededicate himself to turning the tide of this recession.
  • Obama could present the C.E.O. of Goldman-Sachs with the massive dickslap he so rightly deserves.  Prick.
  • Some of the greedy crooks that brought down this country during the recent economic collapse would actually be brought to justice and sentenced to jail.
  • Rush Limbaugh will come home, light a cigar to drown his sorrows, forgetting he left the gas from the stove on and BOOM!  Enough BBQ-ed pork belly to last months!
  • Your doctor’s office will become an even bigger revolving door than it was before.
  • Dedicate some of the healthcare talk to the millions of dollars that Medicare is defrauded of every year.
  • Either way, our national debt would still be an exorbitant amount that neither you nor I could ever fathom, and China will still completely own our asses.

All I’m saying here is that I’m ready for a new topic for these two parties to mudsling over.  The healthcare debate has been so discussed to death, that many people involved have already died waiting for an outcome.  R.I.P. Teddy.  What we need now is for Rahm to call the greedy bankers on Wall Street fucking retards so that everyone can redirect their attention to those fucks.  Cause while we slave away, spending billions of dollars on implementing a universal healthcare plan, those assholes are taking OUR bail out money and cruising the Mediterranean on their private yachts.  Dicks.

But one has to have dreams right?


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