Posted by: thinningtheherd | March 8, 2010

#60 Sandy Powell – Costume Designer for “The Young Victoria”

Species Name:  Ungratefulius Cunticus

There were numerous things I could thin from the herd from last night’s Oscars.  I could thin Sarah Jessica Parker for looking like an emaciated Holocaust victim who couldn’t take a gander in the mirror before coming out on stage.  I could thin the Academy as a whole for leaving Farrah Fawcett and Bea Arthur from the “In Memoriam” montage.  Or I could’ve thinned the plethora of young “celebrities” out their to present like Miley “retard face” Cyrus or Kristin “I’m about to cut myself on stage” Stewart.

But the moment that really pissed me the fuck off was the winner of “Best Costume Design,” Sandy Powell.  Powell won for The Young Victoria, and opened her acceptance speech with a smug, “Wow, well, I’ve already got two of these,” followed by a “woe is me” shrug that made me want to punch her arrogant face in.  Tone down the hubris you ungrateful cooze.  Then I think she realized how bitchy she sounded, and tried to back pedal by saying:  “I’d like to dedicate this one to the costume designers that don’t do movies about dead monarchs or glittery musicals. The designers that do the contemporary films and the low budget ones that actually don’t go regconized as they should do and they work as hard. So this is for you, but I’m gonna take it home tonight. Thank you.”  Although I completely agree that it is always a period piece that wins this category and other films should be recognized, it’s too damn late Sandy, your pompous British ass dug yourself a hole you cannot get out of.  As someone who has spent my whole life dreaming of winning an Academy Award, be a little humbled by the fact that your work has been recognized so many times instead of acting like you don’t have anymore shelf space for these inconvenient fucking statues!  For your lack of gratitude and blatant nonchalance, it’s time for you to go.

In a world where Sandy Powell didn’t exist to be so bothered by winning yet another Oscar ::sigh::

  • That crazy, female, white Kanye wouldn’t have totally bogarted the acceptance speech by the director of Music by Prudence, the winner for Best Documentary Short.  That bitch was crazy.
  • We would’ve had one less boring ass period piece nominated in this category and indeed your wish of costume designers of contemporary works being recognized may have come to fruition.
  • Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin would’ve had an extra couple of minutes to be funny.  Anybody else think they were hardly in the show?
  • No one would be giving shit to you if only you’d opened your acceptance speech with, “I feel so fortunate to have won this award for a 3rd time, it’s truly a blessing.”
  • She wouldn’t be around to win her honary Oscar for “Best Cunt during an Acceptance Speech”
  • We wouldn’t have had to wait while Sandy took her sweet time strutting to the stage like she was walking the fucking catwalk…such a cliche…

I always like the Oscars, even when they’re bad, they’re still good to me because they’re just classy, and I like that.  Although the fact that they played “I am Woman” when Kathryn Bigelow won for Best Director was just tacky.  I’m surprised they didn’t play E.L.O.’s “Evil Woman” for Sandy Powell when she won her award:

But one has to have dreams right?



  1. thanks for thinning her out. she pissed me off too.

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