Posted by: thinningtheherd | February 19, 2010

#55 International Olympic Committee

Species Name: Corrupticus Selfishius

It’s no big shock when you hear the Vancouver Olympics were beaten the other night in the ratings by the Westminster Dog Show.  NBC has spent a buttload of money on their investment in this year’s Winter games and apparently, just like every other Winter Olympics, it isn’t paying off.  For some reason NBC would rather show these assclowns during primetime:

…then something as potentially exciting as this:

But look, I’m not focusing on NBC during this rant, they’ve already had enough fuckups to last them a lifetime.  No, I’m focusing on the International Olympic Committee (IOC) for their sheer negligence that resulted in the death of young Georgian luger, Nodar Kumaritashvili, a week ago.

It has now come to light, thanks to a Austrian luger, that ever since the first test runs back in 2008, the Vancouver luge course was unsafe and needed to be fixed in order to avoid serious injury.  What did the IOC do about that you ask?  They waited until a 21 year old kid from Georgia died after flying off the course and hitting an unpadded steel pole.  It’s absolutely mind blowing that it took a fatality to make the IOC realize that something needed to be done, when just the day before the death on the track, a half a dozen athletes crashed during their test runs, many on the exact same turn that claimed the Georgian athletes life.

The IOC is notorious for controversy and scandal, but this is sheer disregard for human life and cannot be tolerated.

In a world where the IOC didn’t exist to be more concerned with their public image than the lives of their Olympians:

  • They along with the International Luge Federation wouldn’t have had the audacity to blame the death of the luger on “human error” instead of accepting responsibility for their fuckup.  Nodar Kumaritashvili’s death was a result of “human error,” but not his human error you fucking ignoramuses.
  • The IOC wouldn’t be so concerned with accepting bribes over paying attention to the safety of it’s athletes.
  • Any sport that your grandpa could compete in, would not be an Olympic sport.  Yes curling, I’m talking to you.
  • Maybe we’d only have half the figure skating competitions that we do, because there’s only so much flamboyant prancing around on the ice in sequins and ruffles one straight guy can take.
  • The voices of those protesting the summer games in Beijing in 2008 may have actually been heard instead of covered up by an IOC so concerned with tarnishing their squeaky clean image.
  • The IOC wouldn’t have been around to be nominated for “Public Eye Award” in 2010 which seeks to present “shame-on-you-awards to the nastiest corporate players of the year.”
  • The first death of an Olympic athlete in 45 years could’ve been avoided.

IOC, you should be more ashamed than Tiger Woods after making his way through the wait staff at IHOP.  I hate to say, but part of me kind of thinks you reveled in the fact that an athlete died as a way to drum up so much needed press for these Olympic games.  I’d like to think that’s not the case, but then again, you guys are kind of scumbags.

But one has to have dreams right?



  1. It all went downhill when former IOC President Dick Pound passed away…

    The world can only have on “Dick Pound”

  2. LOL: “Any sport that your grandpa could compete in, would not be an Olympic sport. Yes curling, I’m talking to you.” I agree!

    And as controversial as your closing statement would be, I’m glad you said it, ’cause I was thinking the same thing. =\ Makes me sick.

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