Posted by: thinningtheherd | February 1, 2010

#49 The Circus

Species Name: Disgusticus Subhumaneous

Yes.  The whole fucking institution.  I know it hurts to hear.  You have such fond memories of going to the circus as a child with your family, and you had always been looking forward to taking your own children one day.  Well, now I’m telling you to think twice before taking your kids to the big top of lies!  Here’s just a taste of what goes on behind the scenes at the major circus companies around the country:

Now I know that video is a few years old and you may even think this disgusting mistreatment of these Asian elephants has been rectified, but trust me it hasn’t.  The same tortuous practices are still going on as you can see here.

This makes me so fucking angry, I wish I could go down to Ringling Bros. and castrate every one of these fucking sadists and then feed their castrated nuts to the elephants, while the eunuch’s are forced to watch.  It’s absolutely horrendous that these people have such blatant disregard for the well-being of these animals and think they can abuse these animals into doing whatever they want.  They’re wild fucking animals!  They’re meant to be out in the wild, not inside a cage getting bullhooks thrust into their flesh, all for the sake of entertaining an 8 year old who gets entertained by eating his own boogers anyway.

The circus is the scum of the Earth and it’s time for them to go.

In a world where the circus didn’t exist to be PETA’S public enemy #1:

  • People wouldn’t be so fucking shocked when one of these elephants goes nuts and tramples one of their trainers.  You would too if you were being tortured on a daily basis.
  • Maybe humans would regard these animals for the majestic creatures they are instead of figuring out a way to utilize them for their own entertainment.
  • These animals wouldn’t have to fantasize about a world where it’s the humans in cages and shackles, being poked and prodded constantly.  That’s right, I can read those animals’ brains.  I’m an Elephant Whisperer.
  • Our children would be taught that it’s not natural for an elephant to do stunts like these, and that they’re not willing performers:

  • And that this is what they go through in order to do these stunts out of sheer fear:

  • Capital punishment would be instituted for anyone who did this to animals.
  • The revenues for Cirque du Soleil would go through the roof because they wouldn’t have to worry about losing out on business that goes to circuses that use and abuse animals.
  • Parents who insist on having animals serve as entertainment for their kids will be dropped into the middle of a stampede of elephants in the Serengeti.  See if you don’t change your tune after that, well, if you don’t get trampled first.

Going back to the fact that so many people get up in arms about an elephant trampling and killing one of their trainers.  What people don’t understand is that every living being has it’s breaking point, and plenty of people snap for way less than these circus animals.  I don’t blame these animals one goddamn bit.  That’s what you fucking get trying to train a wild animal by beating the shit out of it.  I know that I usually use this forum to rant about nonsense, but this topic is really important to me and I hope that it hits a nerve with some of you as well.  Please sign this petition and make this cruelty to stop.

But one has to have dreams right?



  1. I’d be happy to see those animals replaced with people like Heidi & Spencer.

  2. I couldn’t get beyond 2 minutes of the clip. The animal cruelty pisses me off too. I totally agree that these animals are WILD and that’s where they should be. And with the Shamu Show gone bad at Orlando’s Sea World… I just don’t know what to say.

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