Posted by: thinningtheherd | November 6, 2009

#27 Homophobes


Species Name:  Ignoramicus Stubbornius

I live in California, one of the most progressive states in the entire country, or at least I thought it was until its constituents passed Proposition 8 a year ago, which banned gay marriage.  This was a real wake up call that homophobia still runs rampant in this country, and I find it a little fucking ridiculous.  On Tuesday, Maine became the 31st state to shoot down the rights of gays to get married.  I don’t understand what the fuck peoples’ issue is here.  Yeah, yeah, yeah, the Bible apparently says that marriage is intended to be between a man and a woman.  However, the Bible also says that women shalt not teach, nor hold authority positions over men (Timothy 2:11-15).  Maybe the Bible isn’t right about everything, did you ever think of that?  These homophobes are so deluded by their blind devotion to the word of God, that they can’t fathom that it might all be a lie.  Sorry to potentially burst your bubble.

Homophobes make me sick.  Look, no one is asking you guys to strap on some ass-less chaps and strut through West Hollywood singing Madonna songs, we’re simply asking that you be tolerant of people’s inalienable rights.  This anti-gay mentality is no different than racism or antisemitism, and as we all know, those still run rampant in our society as well.  Since these homophobes are so pathetically hellbent on trying to wipe the homosexual population from the planet, lets imagine a world where these ignoramuses didn’t exist.

In a world where homophobes weren’t around to mouth off like the dipshits that they are:

  • Gays would be allowed to get married and in turn be as miserable as most straight, married couples.
  • The derogatory term, “fag,” would go back to being slang for a cigarette in England.
  • The population of the United States would significantly drop which would benefit everyone.  No homophobes = No traffic!
  • The most outspoken homophobes, ultra right wing conservatives, wouldn’t have the chance to be the biggest hypocrites in our entire society.
  • Harvey Milk, along with many other gay activists, would still be alive.
  • George W. Bush would never have been alive to become our President and ruin this country.
  • The number of hate crimes would dramatically decrease across the country.
  • People wouldn’t hate other sexual orientations because they are insecure of their own.
  • People would realize that the Bible is not necessarily the end all, be all of human existence.
  • The Catholic Church would’ve imploded, and those poor altar boys would’ve been spared the molestation by their hypocritical, homophobic priests.

These homophobic fucks need to grow up and live in the now.  The gays aren’t going anywhere, so either you can accept them and let them live the life they want to live or you can go on being narrow-minded shit for brains.  Would it kill us to take a cue from Europe and be a little more progressive?  They’re gay!  Who cares!  You don’t have to engage in sodomy with them for god’s sake!  If you people had one functioning brain cell, you’d realize that giving gays the right to marry wouldn’t affect you in the slightest way.  Morons!  I’d like to believe that the homophobes would eventually give up their crusade against gay rights, but they’re much too stubborn for that.  I hate to say it, but I truly believe that the anti-gay sentiment running a muck in this country is here to stay for quite a while.

But one has to have dreams right?


Miss California Carrie Prejean and yes, she is as dumb as she looks...




  1. Too true.

  2. I agree that everyone should have equal rights in this country. I truly do not understand how people can be actively against gay marriage when (as you said) it has NO AFFECT on anyone else. People are stupid and I thank you for filtering them out.

  3. P.S. That first picture makes me sick and I find it creepy.

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