Posted by: thinningtheherd | October 23, 2009

#21 Car Stickers


Species Name:  Lookatmeicus Lackingsubtleness

There’s something inherently irritating about people who have any kind of stickers on their cars.  You’re not clever, nobody cares that your kid was student of the month, and I’m really sorry that Lupe Gonzales died at the ripe age of 21, but that doesn’t mean your car needs to be a mobile gravestone for them.  Sure, if you want to support a candidate for President, throw a sticker on your car, but for god’s sake when it’s two years after the election, it’s time to remove the goddamn thing. There are so many obnoxious car stickers out there, I thought it would make more sense to share examples of these car tattoo’s to make you understand why these people need to be thinned from the herd.

In a world devoid of car stickers, we would be spared from ever having to see these dipshits on the road:


  • Nobody cares how fertile you are.  And why did you name one of your kids “Boogers?”  I wouldn’t advertise that if I were you.


  • Mazel Tov on your small penis.  By the way, your undying loyalty to MMA speaks loads about your IQ douchebag, just sayin’.


  • Why exactly do you want your car to look like it was involved in a drive by?  Does it give you street cred?


  • All this white trash mobile is missing is the giant rubber testicles hanging off the trailer hitch.  Time for a trip to WALMART.

fish symbol

  • The power of Christ compels you to get off the fucking road.  Jesus Christ!


  • “Hey guys, check out my sweet Darwin fish…I’m so irreverent!”  You’re about twenty years too late to be clever fuckface.  Enjoy your U2 concert.


  • See above comment.


  • What the fuck?


  • I don’t know if you’re aware Calvin, but frequent urination is one of the tell tale signs of diabetes…you might want to see a doctor.


  • Can the “got…” campaign just please die already.  And no one can “got iceland” you fucking moron, it’s a country!


  • You sir/madam, are a true patriot…and certifiably insane.

So many retarded car stickers, so little time.  Do us all a favor, cover your windshield in stickers and drive straight into a dynamite factory.

But one has to have dreams right?



  1. LOVE the Hello Kitty caption! LOL!

    And I HATE those family stickers!!!!!!!!!!! ARRGGH!

  2. The only car sticker I’ve ever had a laugh from was: “I like to express my individuality through mass produced bumper stickers”

  3. Why decorate anything then you freak? You are doing the same thing by making a website talking bout people putting up images and communicating beliefs expressions or lack thereof . So now YOU do it by polluting the internal areas of computers and the net by wasting others time by displaying YOUR individual thoughts. Get educated more and maybe get involved in politics and become a tyrant who forces everyone to look the same. Your not even a robot but its like you want the world to be one. I have sense of humor and understand your joke but you are just as sad I guess as the rest of us out there who put something on our metal coffins of mobility in this life and culture to function somewhat. Hey since you are pretty much rude you probably can take it, so I agree with your politics sticker statement, I laughed , Im like yeah take them off already2 years after. So Im thinking you probably had put one on to cover your self in that. So ,did you take off your OBAMA sticker yet? Your the kind of person who would vote for him the way you think. Problem is thats the kind of sucker their campaign went after, your unique just like everyone else. Crazy beautiful but your a critic and judgmental and you will be judged by the same measure you judge others. There are many signs and roads but only 1way.

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