Posted by: thinningtheherd | October 5, 2009

#12 Roman Polanski


Species Name: Cowardus Rapisticus

In the immortal words of The Big Lebowski‘s Walter Sobchek, “Eight year olds dude.” Or in Roman Polanski’s case, a thirteen year old. It’s pretty shocking that this asshole has been allowed to go about his life, gallivanting around Europe instead of taking his punishment like a man. Well, Roman, looks like your time of raping children are over.

Roman Polanski may be one of the greatest film directors of our time, but that doesn’t change the fact that he’s a child molesting, justice fleeing, fuckhole. This guy is about to get exactly what he’s had coming to him. If only a scumbag like Polanski would never have existed to begin with. One less pervert to worry about. In fact, lets imagine Roman was never around to stick his little Pianist in holes that it didn’t belong.

In a world where Roman Polanski wasn’t around to diddle kids:

  • Whenever you see a windowless van, you won’t have to wonder if it belongs to Roman Polanski.


  • Sharon Tate might still be alive, if her husband had been at home taking care of his 8 1/2 month pregnant wife, instead of “working” in London.


  • We’d be without such film classics as Chinatown, Rosemary’s Baby, and The Pianist. True, this would be sad, but not as sad as having a baby rapist walking free.
  • Jack Nicholson would no better then to lend his house out to a friend for a “photo shoot.”  Although he was probably too high at the time to really care.


  • People who realize that surviving the Holocaust and having your wife murdered, does not give you carte blanche to do whatever you want.
  • Hollywood wouldn’t have to be forced to defend their support of a convicted child molester, citing that despite his flaws, he’s still an amazing artist.
  • Michael Jackson and the Catholic Church would’ve been without Roman Polanski to take some of the heat off of their own child molestation scandals.
  • “Expressing yourself as an artist” will not be a valid excuse for committing any sort of crime.

I find it kind of sickening that people that I admire like Martin Scorcese, Ethan Coen and David Lynch have come to Polanski’s defense, claiming his recent arrest to be a “terrible situation.”  Are you fucking kidding me?  The guy admittedly raped a child, was convicted and then fled the fucking country to avoid going to prison.  Do you people realize how stupid you sound supporting this guy just because you think he’s such an amazing artist?  Polanski deserves to spend the rest of his pathetic life, rotting away in a jail cell instead of being admired as a film making god by the Hollywood community.  The irony of the whole situation is that one of the more outspoken celebrities in favor of Polanski being extradited and facing trial, is the great sexual harasser himself, Arnold Schwarzenegger.  There aren’t many times that I find myself agreeing with the Governator, but on this issue, I wholeheartedly agree that this scumbag should be treated like every other pervert. 

However, Polanski is rich, and will most likely settle to avoid jail time, because that seems to be the celebrity way.  He’ll then be able to return to his home in France, where he can go back to restocking his basement dungeon with nubile pre-teens to have his way with to his hearts content.

See ya!

See ya!

But one has to have dreams right?

***PLEASE NOTE:  Please refrain from commenting on this post if you are:

a) In support of molesting/raping children/adults.

b) Unable to comprehend what satire is.

c) Devoid of any sort of a sense of humor.



  1. I can’t believe you would suggest that Polanski being home would have saved Sharon Tate. Those crazies killed over a dozen people that day. With ease and brutality. Had he been home he would not have had a chance to defend her, he would have been killed himself. Judging by your rant, that would have pleased you. Fine. But don’t suggest he was to blame for such a horrid event..

  2. every person who supports my freedom supports releasing a child molesting rapist amongst their ranks. my favoritest site facebook has several groups advocating my freedom and release, and the fact that facebook harbors such groups indicate they support the same cause. it’s not a freedom of speech deal, because i highly doubt they would allow a group to exist on the site which advocated the release of attempted obama assassins.

    directors are a dime a dozen. you may just find ones who aren’t rapists too!!

  3. Pathetic, ignorant little philostines.

    Read ‘I’m With The Band’ sometime or perhaps ‘Wonderland Avenue’. 13 year olds having consensual sex with rockstars, actors & general glitterati was a common practice in groupie circles during the 60s & early 70s. These we’re girls who went to great pains to look gorgeous AND much older than they were & usually with the complete endorsement of their guardians (in Polanski’s case, the mother was well aware and quite enthusiastic about her daughter doing so. Does this make it right? NO. But, you would be hard pressed to find a personality from this time that didn’t engage either knowingly or unknowingly in underage age sex. Watch Cameron Crowe’s Almost Famous – Penny Lane is 15 when she meets CC’s character & she has already hooked up with the band the previous tour. I mean shit wouldn’t that make her 14 at the time! Interesting a foreigner, an eccentric, a jew with a polish name, making some pretty contraversial films would be the one singled out. Stop carrying on the legacy of Hollywood racism & prejudice. DON’T BELIEVE THE HYPE PEOPLE. THINK FOR YOURSELVES. XXX Miss W

  4. stupid american useless puritan blogger, you are the only one who doesn’t deserve to exist. You are not a fucking lawyer, so shut up your mouth and leave the case to more competent people. If you don’t like Polanski, then don’t watch his movies. This is the only thing that may hardly concern you. Besides, you shouldn’t write a blog if you just have to insult people. Try and read a book once in a while. Coca-cola and church will definetile spoil your petty brain

    • Nice one Pirula. I know right, why do they even bother to blog…

  5. I enjoyed reading this (including the comments). Very interesting.

  6. if polansky was a child molester he probably wouldn’t feel satisfied with one thirteen year old girl, like many other with such disorder. or have i missed something? as the matter of fact polanski did disgusting thing to that girl, but to say he is pervert goes far beyond common sense. i presume you have a problem with susceptibility for making unjust judgments. i also suppose you could easily kill polanski with bare hands. that makes me think maybe you should seek help at a psychiatrist immediately. you have shown your mental health potential problems by denying a human being right to exist. i’m serious.

    • You’re an idiot. Jesus Christ, have you ever heard of something called social satire…how about you take a look around the rest of the site at my other blogs, and you will clearly see this is meant to be a humorous satirical blog…dipshit.

  7. lack of words indeed… there is an opinion in europe of u.s. americans being not too bright, but i took it for social, international unjust satire on american society. up to now. i am convinced there must be something wrong with you otherwise you wouldn’t have responded so pitifully. your blog is full of waste, anger and god knows what else. you won’t hear from me no more. take care.

    • I must say…for someone who finds my blog such a “waste” you sure are hanging around quite a bit…

  8. Hi Krzysztof,

    I’m really sorry that you submitting your opinion made you the victim of ‘thinning the herds’ slander. I think ‘he’ might be better at attacking people that can’t defend themselves than actually forming an condusive opinion.

    I kind of see what your saying. If the natural progression from having a passionate opinion is to suggest DEATH, DEATH, KILL, KILL then it does display a serious lack of intellect / imagination / common sense – I’m sure there are better blog sites around. Hope to catch you on one some time. I’m out too. Ciao TTH.

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